My Day Off

Posted September 27th, 2008 by fanofwalt

I took a day off from the cares and worries of the world Friday, and brought my kids to the county fair. Part school field trip, part play day, it was a chance to let go and just have some sorely needed fun.

Throughout our day of fun, I passed out Campaign For Liberty cards all over the place. Gave ’em to the folks working the Democratic Party booth, to those working the Republican booth, to anyone who was selling anything even remotely “patriotic,” to folks working all kinds of booths, to people walking along in the crowds with tell-tale t-shirts (such as the guy wearing the “Impeach Bush and Cheney!” shirt); dropped ’em in spots where people generally would sit and rest a bit (such as benches and those coin-operated feet-massaging chairs) and I left them in places where people standing in lines would come across them.

At one point, I noticed large groups of people were gathered around a couple of TVs in one hall, and I realized the “debate” was taking place. Quickly, I scampered from table to table, passing out these cards, agreeing with B.O. supporters about the crap InSane was peddling, and agreeing with InSane supporters about the crap B.O. was peddling (and honestly so, on both parts). I mentioned that the C4L was a group dedicated to restoring a true Constitutional Republic to our country, and people eagerly accepted the cards, and I saw them passing them along to each other, and talking about it.

One vendor working the fair had stepped outside momentarily for a break, and we chit chatted for a moment, and in the course of our conversation, I realized that she knew nothing about the failing banks or the bailouts. She knew about Freddie and Fanny, but that was all. “We’ve been eating, breathing and living this fair for weeks on end; we don’t about any news. Why; has something happened?”

As I revealed to her the recent events, her eyes grew large and she asked me to come with her to her booth, and tell her co-workers what I had told her. I followed her, shared the news with the rest of her crew, and passed out yet more C4L cards.

At the end of the day, several cars in the lot on the way to my own received C4L cards tucked into the driver’s side window.

On the long drive home, a quick stop at a fast food restaurant found me standing outside my Jeep with my son. A group of people were getting into their car nearby. We overhead them say, “Hey, that lady’s got a Ron Paul sign on her car;” my son heard them say more about RP and he piped up, “Mommy! They’re talking about Ron Paul!” So naturally, I gave the Steve Holt salute of “RON PAUL!” and we all smiled; this time, my son grabbed some of my C4L cards and dashed them right over to the people, ensuring they each got one.

I did mention today was supposed to be a day off, right?


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