We’ve taken over Minneapolis City Committee !!!

Folks, good things are happenin’ ! Got a email from our coordinator Dave Wahlstedt. Awesome job !

I’m writing today to all of you in Senate District 60 here in Minneapolis who have stepped up in the last year as either delegates for Ron Paul (about 70 of us!) or as members of his Campaign for Liberty with news about the rEVOLution going on here, and a request to join us.

The involvement Dr. Paul has called people to is happening here in SD60, in Minneapolis, and throughout CD5 – in spades. We’ve already taken over the Minneapolis City Committee, we have an open door to take over in most SDs within CD5 (including here in SD60) and we have a good chance of taking over CD5 leadership as well. Those positions give us influence at the state level and the ability to run and support the sort of candidates that we would all like to see. Perhaps most importantly, it gives us the ability to make sure the party is ready and open in 2012 to the sort of presidential candidate we all know is needed – perhaps even Ron Paul, himself. We all know what the trillions of dollars of spending being done by the federal government will do to the economy, and those of us getting involved in the GOP now will be there with a solution when the Democrats fail just like the neocons did.




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