The GOP is so VERY hijackable and its SO well, FUN !!!

February 24, 2009

As I go merrily hacking away as a GOP “PC”, I find I am amazed at how well oiled the GOP machine is, with little worker “R’s” all being so helpful and unlike us in the “L” or Libertarian party, never ever giving me the 3rd degree limits test of Libertarian purity & Knowledge exam. The GOP is so wide open and it is this well oil system that has let us Ron Paul PC’ rs slide RIGHT UP there. And it only took ten “R” to signatures on a stupid peace of paper for me? Talk about so dam easy!

Its so very ….EASY. Wear the “R” loudly and proudly. Yet, be a “L” in every other way. Strangely they…THEY do not know the difference. And if they do, like Borg they see it as “not their job” to “go there” and are just happy you are yet another “warm body” with an R on his shirt, that’s it!!!! Read the rest of this entry »