The GOP is so VERY hijackable and its SO well, FUN !!!

As I go merrily hacking away as a GOP “PC”, I find I am amazed at how well oiled the GOP machine is, with little worker “R’s” all being so helpful and unlike us in the “L” or Libertarian party, never ever giving me the 3rd degree limits test of Libertarian purity & Knowledge exam. The GOP is so wide open and it is this well oil system that has let us Ron Paul PC’ rs slide RIGHT UP there. And it only took ten “R” to signatures on a stupid peace of paper for me? Talk about so dam easy!

Its so very ….EASY. Wear the “R” loudly and proudly. Yet, be a “L” in every other way. Strangely they…THEY do not know the difference. And if they do, like Borg they see it as “not their job” to “go there” and are just happy you are yet another “warm body” with an R on his shirt, that’s it!!!!

It reminds me of some Nova Nature program on ants. Ants “wear” a particular smell, and that is how they decide if you are “in” the colony (friend) or “out” of the colony (enemy). Some ant predators are so clever that they simply mimic the ant “in colony” smell and eat away as ants just mill about their merry business, even helping the ant-smelling-eating invader go about eating up all her little sisters! Yuck! Life is stranger than fiction!

That’s how it is at every local GOP & State GOP function. I feel like a “Idea Virus” and as long as I prefice my sentance, “this will beat the democrats…” its all ears and smiles. I say, psst, “Hey, how can we make the Democrats take the fall for the Drug War disaster?”— All smiles.

But why waist your time with rank n file R ants? Get to the levers of real power. Ask a question, “Can I have access to all the States Registered Republicans, phone numbers, addresses, and so forth? The reason is I know a ‘good honest R’ who wants to run for office and I want to help this ‘good honest R’ out. Will you help me?”.

Answer: “Oh sure, just contact Cindy and she will set you up on our computer data base and get you all you need, show you the forms and introduce you to some money people to help him out” — Swing! I am in! Thanks for all your goodies in your giant ant nest.

Another way to look at it is Sports Team mentality. Once upon a time the Dastardly Shaq played basketball for the LA Lakers, and Phoenix fans hated him, boo, boo, Shaq. Today, the Shaq is playing basketball for Phoenix Suns and the locals love to scream, Shaq! Shaq!… (you see he is wearing the little Sun Logo on his shirt— Team Mentality.

This TEAM MENTALITY is all what the “R” and the “D” is about.

Not so with the Libertarians. Like the good doctor, we are all about IDEAS, FREEDOM IDEAS. Liberty is our North Star and like a compass needle, we do not waver.

So my fellow DP’rs… YES!!! YES!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The GOP is totally hijack-able. Hell you know the NeoCons did it in 1980 and where busy setting new policies in place by the end of Reagan’s second term. They even had the balls to rewrite Reagan’s Foreign policy history — you know “He who controls the past, controls the future”…

Anyway, for those of you not at HOME in the GOP, go try the DNC.


Yes I know I know I know…. I too had a real big hard time taking off the libertarian ” L ” on my shirt and putting on the R on my shirt. It was a foolish identity thing, but don’t get trapped with outside symbols of identity. We are about core freedom values, that’s it. You know its true, if Ron Paul was a life long D, I would put on a D on my shirt and hijacked the DNC. The team shirt logo means little to me. I am like Dr Paul, I am a Champion of the Constitution and I am a Champion of Civil Liberties and I am a Champion of the Free Market and I am a Champion of Peace. How does that saying go? We are all about Freedom, Prosperity, and Peace!

So my friends, BOTH are totally hijack-able. DO NOT BE DETERRED.

Most of all…. GO HAVE FUN. Politics is lots of fun, why? Because we do not have to “play politics”…We know where our North Star is, and so the fun (and amazing part) of it is, is how all the other little R’s just treat you so swell, never ask any questions as long as you are “For the Party of R”. What the party of R is, or what the Party of D is, is of little consequence, like Shaq playing for the LA Lakers one year, then playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Pay close attention to the psychology here. He is still SHAQ, yet the Fans are so full of that TEAM MENTALITY that for them, in the end, platform positions are just players, to be used, traded, and put back on the bench. Obama used the team player called MAKE PEACE NOT WAR, now he has benched him. Bush in 2000 running for election also used a team player called, A HUMBLE FOREIGN POLICY along with another team player, OUT OF BOSNIA NOW. Well as you know, as soon as Bush got the Presidents job, he benched both players immediately, he had other goals for TEAM R you see. For the D’s and R’s, that is called, “Playing Politics”.

For you and me, we call that being a Sell Out and we belch.

But do not worry, the NEOCONS have shown us all the way. Just be yourself. That is right, just be yourself and yet, WEAR the R or D Team Jersey. Let the TEAM MENTALITY to do the rest. You saw that work with liberal voting McCain, certainly not a conservative at all, yet Team Mentality Kicked right in come election time.

Lets face it. We will NEVER have enough L’s in this world. So few of us have supper large families! Most people if asked, why are you a Dallas Cowboy fan or why are you a Democrat, the real answer is, My Family was one so I was born into it.

So there you go! There will never EVER be enough Libertarians or L’s to grow our base. Plain and simple. Even if every Libertarian female got married at the age of 16 and proceeded to have her humanly full capacity of children, we could never EVER catch up to the amount of Ds and Rs born out there every year after year. We are way too far behind.

So YES, hijacking the GOP is the ONLY way to go. No I take that back, It is one way to go. The other way is to hijack the DNC. In fact, we really should do BOTH.

YES !!! We must Hijack both! And why not? If you were running for State Governor on the DNC team and I running on the GOP team, who wins? Answer: LIBERTY wins!

Liberty wins when we play BOTH sides against each other.

WAKE UP DP’rs… that is what Big Govt does, it plays both teams D’s and R’s to Grow itself. Butter and Guns. Welfare and Warfare. The choices are stacked, the game is rigged.

But two can play this came. (wink)

In Peace & Liberty,



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