April 6, 2008


Today in Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district, which includes Most of Oklahoma City, a coalition of Ron Paul and Traditional Conservative Republicans nearly swept the delegation electing Ron Paul Republicans to 5 out of the 6 possible delegate seats!

The Neo-cons were on the ropes so bad that at one point they tried yet failed to suspend further voting once it became apparent that they were getting beaten and beaten badly.

With all of the delegate selections for the congressional districts complete, Ron Paul republicans have managed to pick up almost half of the available delegate seats.

If you are with the official Ron Paul campaign, and you are reading this message, you must convince Ron to come the Oklahoma State Republican Convention in May. His presence could swing the entire state delegation back to a constitutional conservative agenda!

After the victory today, big time Republican Bosses and Candidates, who had previously made every attempt to sideline us, were coming up to us and saying how important it was to begin a reconciliation and to move forward on the conservative agenda. We could not agree more. It may be to late to get Ron elected president, but the national convention will select the Vice and if we have it packed full of Ron Paul Republicans we can send a forceful message to the Neo-Cons that they can’t keep marginalizing the conservative voters and platform and have any hope of winning in the future.

Ladies and Gentleman this is how we take back our party and our country one district and one state at a time. If you are an Oklahoma Conservative Ron Paul Republican…PLEASE contact your county chairman right now and request to be made a delegate to the state convention in Tulsa this May. We are going to need your votes if we are going to win the battle for the at-large delegates. For more information you can reach me through the Norman Ron Paul meet-up group online.


RJ Harris
Assit Organizer
Norman RP Meet-up


How one little old lady in her 80s in a wheelchair could help

April 6, 2008

On April 6th, 2008 GOPnSC says:


One of our campaign consultants told a story I’d like to share. He was working on another candidates run for the Statehouse and was organizing the volunteers. Many were out door knocking, others on a phone bank, some putting out signs. One little old lady in her 80s always attended the volunteer meetings, but since she was wheelchair bound, could never participate in any of the activities. But she wanted to be involved, was a big supporter of the candidate, and wanted to do what she could to help.

When election day rolled around, this little old lady signed up to be a poll watcher. All day long she sat outside the polling location in her wheelchair, greeting all the voters as they arrived, telling each one how she adored the candidate, and asking for their vote.

When the results rolled in, the campaign was victorious. Suprisingly, the precinct where that little old lady sat greeting voters carried the greatest percentage of the vote of them all. To this day, that representative gets comments like, “I voted for you after I met your grandmother at the voting booth!”

It didn’t matter that the sweet old lady was not related at all. She had made an impact. Although she couldn’t put up signs, couldn’t door knock, couldn’t become a delegate – she did what she could for the campaign, and her help paid off.